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Shoemaker´s Journey Info

This audio trail was designed for the Craft Museum of Finland by Tarinakone, Story Designer Anne Kalliomäki. The audio design and recording was by Mikko Kokki. Translation Laura Browne.

Shoemaker’s Journey is an English language audio trail, a part of the Craft Museum of Finland’s “Step into a story and experience craft - a touch of life” collection that leads the visitors into the museum’s permanent exhibition.

Story Design and Production

Tarinakone, Anne Kalliomäki

Audio Design and Recording

Mikko Kokki

Graphic Design

Villakas, Tiina Leino

Web Design

Anssi Harjula

Idea, Project Management and Editorial Works

Raija Manninen, Anu Rautjoki, Craft Museum of Finland


Mikko Auerniitty, Ismo Hannula, Jyri Karjalainen, Liisa Korhonen

Character’s voices by

Ronan Browne
Alex Reed
Laura Happonen
Aimo Walamies
Anu Rautjoki