The museum is a specialized museum for handicraft covering entire Finland, a place where skills and people meet as well as an interesting destination for visitors. The museum covers all techniques of handicraft, from house building to lace making and from forging to the design of ornaments. A centre for national costumes and a centre well versed in the conservation of textiles form part of the museum.

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Current exhibitions

Permanent exhibitions: Craft: a Touch of Life – A poignant journey into the past, A Journey in Time – Handicraft through 2000 years, Dressed with pride – The beauty of national dresses is in the detail

Dora Jung - Illustrator of Linen from January 7 to March 5, 2017 displays the works of Dora Jung (1906 – 1980), one of the most significant Finnish textile artists during the country’s independence. For years Tuomas Sopanen has collected Dora Jung’s textiles that were made in Jung’s weaving mill or designed for Tampella. Now the noteworthy collection is presented as an extensive exhibition, filling three floors in the Craft Museum of Finland.
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Listen to Shoemaker’s Journey

Shoemaker’s Journey is an English language audio trail, a part of the Craft Museum of Finland’s “Step into a story and experience craft - a touch of life” collection that leads the visitors into the museum’s permanent exhibition.