Permanent exhibitions

Craft: a Touch of Life – A poignant journey into the past
Lebensgefühl im Handwerk

The atmospheric exhibition explores the way crafts merge into our life-cycle through touching stories. Crafts are full of surprises - expertise, art, self-expression, natural materials and the changing seasons.

A Journey in Time – Handicraft through 2000 years
A Journey in Time – Handicraft through 2000 years

The exhibition timeline charts the most definitive phenomena in the history of crafts. The texts and images are only a tiny scratch on the surface of the interesting and diverse past of crafts.

Dressed with pride – The beauty of national dresses is in the detail
Suomen käsityön museon perusnäyttelyt uudistuivat

The Dressed with Pride section at the National Costume Center of Finland presents traditional outfits from different parts of Finland in various eras. The exhibition also explores the history and the manufacturing methods behind the costumes. The exhibition draws attention to the remarkable level of detail in the costumes.

Listen to Shoemaker’s Journey

Shoemaker’s Journey is an English language audio trail, a part of the Craft Museum of Finland’s “Step into a story and experience craft - a touch of life” collection that leads the visitors into the museum’s permanent exhibition.


The Craft Museum of Finland reflects on craft as art form and goes crazy with techniques in exhibitions

The exhibitions of the Craft Museum of Finland in 2018 explore the line between art and craft. Throughout the year, crafted art is exhibited. The reflective grip of the beginning of the year turns in to playfulness and fooling around with different craft techniques in the earliest summer and the year culminates in the worship of the felt. The Window Gallery exhibitions show the current trends in crafts and design.

Changing Exhibitions

Memento - Ulla Pohjola and Kaija Poijula
Suomen käsityön museo

The Craft Museum of Finland 7.1.–15.4.2018
In this exhibition two solo exhibitions blend in to one harmonious ensemble. Pohjola and Poijula are storytellers, whose works illustrates their inner world. The artists are pondering the presence of invisible, take the memory imbedded in an object, the fleeting moment of memory, and turn it in to a part of their work. They give new life to the worn objects and the pieces of nature.

Nordic Outsider Craft
Suomen käsityön museo

The Craft Museum of Finland 28.4.–2.12.2018
The main exhibition of the year is an innovative and playful burst of Nordic outsider artisanship. The art researcher Minna Haveri and curator Elina Vuorimies from the K.H. Renlund Museum curate the wild play between techniques and materials. The exhibition wants to highlight the perseverance and diligence of work that the creations require as well as the abandon and passion it needs.

Felt 4 Tomorrow

The Craft Museum of Finland 20.12.2018–5.5.2019
The Finnish Felt Assosiation Fillti and its 20 year celebration exhibition of Filtti members is curated and designed by critic Hannu Castrén.

Lobby Gallery, street level

Sounds from Cigar Boxes
Lebensgefühl im Handwerk

The Craft Museum of Finland, Lobby Gallery 16.12.2017 – 15.4.2018
The guitars are made by using different cigar boxes and other recycled material. Kuokkanen saw pictures of cigar box guitars in the Internet and was inspired to build his first guitar in 2011. In the exhibition, there are more than 20 guitars and the audience can listen to their unique sounds from the tape. In addition, the visitors can play with one of the guitars.

Window gallery, street-level window towards Kauppakatu

This year as well the exhibitions in Window Gallery are mainly sales exhibitions, which bring in products from all around Finland. Balabin – Two generations of jewellery art displays jewellery from Nikolai and Melitina Balabin from Lappeenranta. Nikolai introduces sculptural jewellery with sand casting and Melitina jewellery combining silver and natural materials. UUP – Woodworker/Architect Yoshimasa Yamada brings wooden object in to the museum. Japanese arts and crafts as well as experiences working as a carpenter in Fiskars heavily influence Yamada’s products. These philosophies and designs brought him the first prize in Habitare convention in 2011.

The summer pop-up store and sales exhibition, which has become a well-established tradition, will come from Rovaniemi this year. The group exhibition by mainoa CRAFT & DESIGN introducing handicraft and design with a northern twist, enriches the museum shop with its unique products. Second Chance serves the soft landing towards autumn. Their Finnish small-scale production of clothing collections for women and children rely on soft values and Finnish knitwear. The exhibition year ends with the traditional Doll Artists of Finland Society’s Christmas Exhibition.

10.1.–18.3.2018 Balabin - Two generations of jewellery art
21.3.–27.5.2018 UUP – Woodworker/Architect Yoshimasa Yamada
30.5.–31.8.2018 mainoa CRAFT & DESIGN pop up
5.9.–9.11.2018 Second Chance
14.11.2018–5.1.2019 Doll Artists of Finland Society’s Christmas Exhibition

changing exhibitions at the National Costume Centre of Finland
2nd floor

Enontekiö gákti - Womes’s Dresses from the Kitti Family

Enontekiö's Sámi Costume is the most decorative and most impressive of all five Sámi costumes in Finland. The costume charms with its colours, accessories and with its message. It is easily recognizable in its abundance of ribbons and tinkling silver jewellery. The costumes in the exhibition are from the family of the Kitti family in Jyväskylä. Come and peep into this family cabinet! The exhibition has been assembled by Maritta Stoor-Lehtonen. There are three women's costumes, one outfit for children and accessories presented in the exhibition. The Northern sámi word gákti means a costume used by the sámi to express their ethnic identity, that is, their being part of the sámi culture.

Donated National costumes from the Collections of the National Costume Center of Finland

The collections of the National Costume Center of Finland includes around five hundred costumes. Most of the costumes are donations from private individuals and some from companys. In the exhibitions a small sample of these donated costumes and artefacts are assembled for your viewing.

Näytönpaikka (The Showcase Window) Displays

The Showcase window exhibition space usually exhibits the work of recent graduates, craft students and hobbyists.

The displays in the Showcase change monthly. They can be viewed from outside the museum entrance at Kilpisenkatu 12.

9.1.–4.3.2018 Radical cross-stitch
6.3.–22.4.2018 PISTOT exbition2018: arts and crafts teacher Elina Helminen
24.4.–10.6.2018 Tales about spring, batik artist Sirpa Hasa
12.6.–5.8.2018 KÄSILLÄ - handicraft culture as a skill and a livelihood. Jyväskylä Craft and Design School and Taitokeskus Jyväskylä Vocational Training
2.10.–18.11.2018 Materia ry