Felt …in Motion

The Craft Museum of Finland January 9 – May 5, 2014

The international felt art exhibition introduces felted art from 54 artists in 14 countries. The theme of the exhibition is motion.

Felt is made by mechanical movement

Felt is non-woven fabric made of wool, where the entangled wool fibres create a uniform fabric surface. Felt can be made using mechanical movement, moisture, temperature variations or soap. Felt was originally invented in Asia, where it was first used to make natural woollen coloured hats, footwear, clothing and even yurts.

Modern felt is colorful, versatile and often surface-decorated

The art exhibited by the Felt ...in Motion is aesthetic, imaginative and well-made. The forms vary from heavy flat pieces to flowing sculptures. Some of the works have been made to move. In thin, almost see-through felt clothing the fabric moves and lives, curls and floats. The felt artists have drawn inspiration from wing movements, landscapes, the turn of tides, human encounters, ice floats, beach-kissing waves and the movement and friction of molecules.

Felt art of the move

In 2013 the Felt … in Motion exhibition was shown in Germany and France, and after the Craft Museum of Finland it will travel to Austria and Germany. The exhibition has been produced by the German Feltmakers Association, Filz-Netzwerk e. V. (www.filznetzwerk.de). The Finnish Felt Association Filtti (www.filtti.fi) has also participated in making of the exhibition. Both associations promote traditional felt making and its modern development.

Felt ...in Motion Artists:

Amendola Violette (CH) · Beck Mirjam (D) · Becker Gerti (D) · Belcher Heather (GB) · Bossert Beate (D) · Carolus Ineke (NL) · Clay Liz (GB) · Conradi Anita (D) · Dallinga Marjolein (CDN) · De Weerd Minka (NL) · Eichhorn Barbara (D) · Fichter Dorothee (D) · Giles Jenne (USA) · Greaves Patricia M. (GB) · Greb Heidi (D) · Gunnarsdottir Anna (IS) · Habbe Yvonne (S) · Haentjens Lucie (B) · Haider Monika (A) · Haugsvaer Wilberg Torill (N) · Heimbold Ilka (D) · Holst Thyra (D) · Huse Hillevi (N) · Hvistendahl J. May (N) · Jakob Bettina (D) · Jelisejeff Kikka (FIN) · Kaspar Conny (D) · Korver Kitty (NL) · Lines Chris (GB) · Lins Inge-Marie (D) · Mackay Jenny (GB) · Markkula Merja (FIN) · Noeske-Porada Andrea (D) · Noordhof Petra (NL) · O´Leary Catherine (AUS) · Perquy Katrien (B) · Polman Astrid (NL) · Retter Heidi (D) · Rothenbacher Beate (B) · Sakata Rutsuko (FIN) · Salomé Adrian (NL) · Scherr Kerstin (D) · Schillinger Waltraud (D) · Searle Moira (GB) · Simon Judith (H) · van der Meer Musoma Charity (NL) · Veldkamp Annie (NL) · Verbeek Miriam (NL) · von Kutzleben-Hausen Ulrike (D) · Warth Margarete (D) · Weber Conny (D) · Wenczel Csilla (D) · Wetzel Susanne (D) · Zenger Ruth (D)

Craft Museum of Finland and Filtti invite you to a series of felt-themed events:

Saturday Feb 8, 2014 12pm-2pm
Lectures by Filtti (in Finnish only)
Eeva Piesala: Using Finnsheep wool
Leena Sipilä: Reinventing Feltmaking as a Livelihood
Sirpa Mäntylä: Filtti and International Felt

Felt workshops by Filtti (instruction available also in English)
Sat Feb 15, 12pm-2pm - Anne-Mari Ohra-aho: Image transfer on felt
Sat Mar 15, 12pm-4pm - Sirpa Mäntylä: Felting a decorative bowl
Sat April 26, 12pm-4pm - Leena Sipilä: Felted jewellery from recycled materials