The Craft Museum of Finland is a specialized museum for handicraft covering entire Finland. A place where skills and people meet, as well as an interesting destination for visitors. The museum covers all techniques of handicraft, from house building to lace making and from forging to the design of ornaments. The National Costume Center of Finland and the Conservation Center operate as a part of the museum.

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Current exhibitions

Permanent exhibitions: Craft: a Touch of Life – A poignant journey into the past, A Journey in Time – Handicraft through 2000 years, Dressed with pride – The beauty of national dresses is in the detail

The main exhibition of the year, The Finnish National Costume, is part of the events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finland. The exhibition is open from May 20 to December 3, 2017 and it tells the story of the Finnish national costume by presenting costumes from different regions. Along with the exhibition lectures, costume shows, working presentations and training are organized. The Finnish national costume came into being at the same time with the quest for independence of Finland and it symbolized Finnishness and strengthened the Finnish identity. Today the national costume is used to represent the roots of a family and the respect for traditional craftsmanship or the costume is worn because of personal liking.

Current Events / coming up

Tuesday 31 October at 4 pm
Come and plan with us The Celebration of Whole Nation’s Costumes

The Craft Museum of Finland is planning to celebrate the costumes of the whole nation around the Independence Day. The Celebration of the Whole Nation’s Costumes is coming on Saturday 2nd of December from 3 pm to 6 pm, and everyone is invited to attend in one’s own festive costume. With a variety of outfits, we want to highlight the diversity of Finnishness as the Finns of today are born in so many countries.
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Friday 24 November at noon till 5 pm
Fabulous Christmas Opening

Saturday 2 December at 3 to 6 pm
The Celebration of Whole Nation’s Costumes

Come and celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence with your own costume
In cooperation with Multicultural Center Gloria
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Saturday – Sunday 9-10 December at 11 am to 6 pm
Artisans’ Christmas Market

Quality Christmas presents from the Christmas market
Unique handicrafts from all over Finland

Listen to Shoemaker’s Journey

Shoemaker’s Journey is an English language audio trail, a part of the Craft Museum of Finland’s “Step into a story and experience craft - a touch of life” collection that leads the visitors into the museum’s permanent exhibition.