The Celebration of Whole Nation’s Costumes

Come and plan with us

The Craft Museum of Finland Tuesday 31th of October at 4 pm

The Craft Museum of Finland is planning to celebrate the costumes of the whole nation around the Independence Day. The Celebration of the Whole Nation’s Costumes is coming on Saturday 2nd of December from 3 pm to 6 pm, and everyone is invited to attend in one’s own festive costume. With a variety of outfits, we want to highlight the diversity of Finnishness as the Finns of today are born in so many countries.

We are now looking for individuals or groups interested in planning this event. Come and see how we can get the whole party started, how to get all the people to attend and what kind of program we should have at the party!

WThe planning session will be held on Tuesday, 31th of October at 4 pm in the Craft Museum of Finland. The program for the costume celebration event will be organized in co-operation with the people attending the planning event held in October.

Included in the planning and organizing of the event are the Multicultural Center Gloria and Jyväskylä Kulttuuriluotsit. The Finnish National Costume exhibition, that is open till 3rd of December 2017, gives the event a colorful setting.

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