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Huomisen huopaa Suomen käsityön museon näyttelyssä.

Felt for Tomorrow 

Exhibition in the Craft Museum of Finland 15.12.2018–5.5.2019

Ancient handicraft technique is moving to future in the anniversary exhibition of the Finnish Felt Association at the Craft Museum of Finland.

The Felt for Tomorrow exhibition raises discussion about the place of felt in the modern world. As material wool is relaxing to work with, this gives balance to the hectic everyday life. The anniversary exhibition by the Finnish Felt Association has been curated by visual arts critic Hannu Castrén

”Felt for Tomorrow means the transition of ancient handicraft technique to the future as new products, uses and material combinations. The technique promotes well-being, relaxation and it is even therapeutic in the hectic everyday life. The felt fits in the modern world and future because it is versatile, ecological and ethical. Felt and felting create opportunities in textile art, they serve as a pathway to internationalization and to felting new influences into one’s own way of working. These thoughts have been felted as a part of this exhibition,” says the chair of Finnish Felt Association Eija Pirttilahti

The 20th anniversary exhibition of the Finnish Felt Association is an entity created by its members and implemented in cooperation with the Craft Museum of Finland. The Felt for Tomorrow exhibition proves how we, for our part, are passing the felt tradition to the future and take the Finnish felting expertise to the world. 

The spectrum of works in the exhibition shows how diverse wool and felt are. Such things as different fibers, fabrics, glass or plastic can be attached to felt and its surface can be decorated with, for example, embroidery. In addition, it is possible to create very sculptural felt works. 

The works in the Felt for Tomorrow exhibition vary from different decorative felt works such as wall textiles, curtains and pillows to sculptural three-dimensional works as well as clothes and accessories. The members of the Finnish Felt Association join wool together with different fabrics and the surface of felt is embroidered by hand or with machine. There are works that are light as feather and also thicker felt; both white and colorful. All the works in the exhibition have been made during the year 2018. In addition, there is a video where the members of the Finnish Felt Association work together to make a felted rug. The themes of the works range from personal to socially involved ones. The felt has been a way to express such issues as the individual’s coping with everyday life, to take a stand on sustainable development and to bring up heritage. 

In the exhibition, there are works from 39 felt artists around Finland and abroad, all members of the Finnish Felt Association. Artists from Germany, England, Russia and South Africa bring international color to the exhibition. 

Workshops connected to the exhibition in the Spring 2019


Sat 9th Feb at 11–15 Little bag by felting
Instructor Sirpa Mäntylä from Jämsä. Course fee 30€ includes teaching and materials. 
Sign up by 1st Feb: 

Fri–Sat 8th–9th March at 11–15 Layered felt by cutting 
Instructor Caroline Merrell. Teaching in English. Course fee 75€ includes teaching and materials. 
Sign up by 1st March: 

Sat 13th April Felted scarf
Silk and merino as materials. Instructor Maria von Bonsdorff from Helsinki. Course fee 45€ includes teaching and materials. Sign up by 5th April: 

Felt artists in the exhibition

Leena Aaltio, Espoo
Hanne Alho, Jurva
Sigrid Bannier, Albessen, Saksa
Susanne Breuling, Schramberg, Saksa
Heidi Halm, Helsinki
Marika Halme, Leppiniemi
Mari Hämäläinen, Varkaus
Mari Jalava, Kangasniemi
Kikka Jelisejeff, Hämeenlinna
Nikita Jelisejeff, Lahti
Charlotte Keen, Cape Town, South Africa
Tiina Kerminen, Pieksämäki
Merja Laurikainen-Vilmunen, Hämeenlinna
Tiina Lehmikoski-Pessa. Helsinki
Hannu Leskinen-Estola, Imatra
Leena Loukojärvi, Espoo
Hellevi Lovén, Jyväskylä
Tupu Mentu, Helsinki
Caroline Merrell, Worcester, UK
Tiina Mikkelä, Helsinki
Piritta Mäkinen, Pori
Sirpa Mäntylä, Jämsä
Mella Nousiainen, Muurame
Helen O’Hare, London, UK
Anne-Mari Ohra-aho, Jyväskylä
Julia Orlova, Pietari, Venäjä
Kaija Paltto, Lemmenjoki
Rea Pelto-Uotila, Naantali
Ritva Peura, Äänekoski
Eeva Piesala, Petäjävesi
Eija Pirttilahti, Pohjaslahti
Minna Ratalahti, Lahti
Marjo Ritamäki, Parola
Elina Saari, Orimattila
Rutsuko Sakata, Fiskars
Leena Sipilä, Palokka
Olga Solovey, St. Petersburg, Russia
Katri Suosara, Vaajakoski
Maria von Bonsdorff, Helsinki


Sirpa Mäntylä,Filtti ry:n näyttelyvastaava
p. 045 130 4777, sirpa.mantyla [at] 

Mikko Oikari, näyttelyintendentti, Suomen käsityön museo
p. 050 553 3880, mikko.oikari [at]