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Suomen käsityön museo on helposti saavutettavissa heti Kävelykadun alussa.

Entrance fees | Professional Services | Guided tours | Workshops | Premises | Photocopies

Entrance fees

We accept Museum Card and ICOM Card. 
Free entry to the street level exhibitions and the Museum Shop.

8 €
4 € During the exhibition changes.

6 €

6 €

4 €
Craft students free of charge.

6 € / person
Group tickets are for groups of more than 10 people
One group leader/group free of charge. 
Groups of schools and daycare centres and their teachers are admitted free of charge. 

Children (under 18 years)
free of charge

Free entry days
On events such as: 

  • Jyväskylä Day 22.3.
  • Taito Day (day of craft) 14.4.
  • Day od Central Finland 18.4.
  • Yläkaupungin yö event
  • International Museum Day 18.5
  • Birthday of Finnish National Costume 5.8.
  • Artisan's Market event on December
  • Mothers Day
  • Fathers Day

Assistants and guide and assistant dogs are welcome to the museum free of charge. 

Professional services 

Services given by the Conservation Center
Lectures, training, consulting  86,00 € / h (inc. VAT 24%)
Conservation estimate 26,00 € / h (inc. VAT 24%)
Conservation  54,00 € / h (inc. VAT 24%)
Introduction of the Conservation Center (about 1,5 h) in the Conservation Center 90,00 € / per visit (VAT 0 %)

Services given by the National Costume Center of Finland
Lectures, training 86,00 € / h (inc. VAT 24%)
National costume sewing advice in person 44,00 € / h (inc. VAT 24%)

Guided tours

Guided Tours in English
Tailored hour-long guided tours must be booked preferrably two weeks in advance. Guided tours can be cancelled up until 5 days prior. The ordered guided tour will be charged if it has not been cancelled by the deadline.
Max. 25 persons per guide. For larger groups we recommend two guides.

Tue-Fri at 11-18, 85 € / h
Guided tours on weekends can be booked through Visit Jyväskylä services. 

Inquiries about guided tours: 


Workshops in English
Materials from 1€ per person will be added to the prices.
Workshops max 15 persons.

Tue-Fri at 8-16, 100 €/ h
Sat-Sun at 11-18, 145 € / h 

Inquiries about workshops:

More about our workshops

The workshop must be booked no later than two weeks before the desired time.
Workshop can be cancelled up until five days before the booked time. The ordered workshop will be charged if it has not been cancelled by the deadline. 


Inquiries about premices:

The museum's lecture hall and the workshop can be reserved for meetings.
Workshop can also be booked for private a handicraft workshop.


Prices include VAT 24%, except for internal operators of the City of Jyväskylä, where VAT is 0%.
Lecture hall for meetings
Available on Tue-Sun 11-18.
It is equipped with WiFi, video projector, computer, dvd, flipchart and miniature kitchen.
An ideal size for about 10-20 people.
for communities 35,00 € / hour
for companies 40,00 € / hour
for internal operators of the City of Jyväskylä 30,00 € / hour
Workshop for meeting or private workshop 
Use is available Tue-Sun from 11 am to 6 pm, not including Fridays. 
Group size max. 12 people
Material fees 1-5 € per person when using museum materials at the workshop.
for communities 15,00 € / hour
for companies 20,00 € / hour
for internal operators of the City of Jyväskylä 10,00 € / hour


A4-page: 0,50 € / each
A3-page: 0,70 € / each

More information about charges: 

Museum info, open Tue-Sun at 11am to 6 pm
tel. +358 014 266 4370 [at]

Looking for a meeting room space

In the Craft Museum of Finland we have different, interesting spaces suitable for meeting and private use.
Inquire online:

the Craft Museum of Finland