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Suomalaiseen kansallispukuun kuuluu usein tykkimyssy.

The National Costume Center of Finland is dedicated to preserves national costumes and related materials from Finnish-speaking territories. The collection also covers costumes previously considered national costumes that continue to be worn as such today, as well as local and provincial costumes. 

The nationally significant collection of representative costumes, assembled as a result of the efforts of the National Costume Council of Finland, was gifted to the National Costume Center by the Friends of Finnish National Costumes association. The costumes in the representative collection are assembled by experts based on the careful study of examples and approved by a National Costume Board made up of the foremost experts in the field. The start of the collection is dated to the setting up of the National Costume Council in 1981.

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Marja Liisa Väisänen
curator, National Costume Center of Finland
tel. +358 50 311 8247
kansallispukukeskus [at]

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