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Kenneth Rasmussen massiivineuloksensa parissa Bitfrost-ateljeessa. Kuva: Bitfrost. Image Bitfrost

Exhibitions of 2018

Main exhibitions

7.1.–15.4.2018 Memento - Ulla Pohjola and Kaija Poijula
28.4.–2.12.2018 Nordic Outsider Craft
15.12.2018–5.5.2019 Felt for Tommorrow

Lobby Gallery

16.12.2017–15.4.2018 Sounds from Cigar Boxes
15.12.2018–12.5.2019 Cerámica

Window Gallery

15.11.2017–7.1.2018 The Song of Finland – Doll Artists of Finland Society’s Christmas Exhibition
10.1.–18.3.2018 Balabin - Two generations of jewellery art
21.3.–27.5.2018 UUP – Woodworker-Architect Yoshimasa Yamada 
30.5.–31.8.2018 mainoa CRAFT & DESIGN pop up 
5.9.–9.11.2018 Second Chance
14.11.2018–5.1.2019 If You want to Enter Forest... – Doll Artists of Finland Society’s Christmas Exhibition


Alley Gallery

17.11.2017–31.3.2018 Enontekiö gákti - Women’s Dresses from the Kitti Family
6.4.–11.11.2018 Donated National costumes from the Collections of the National Costume Center of Finland


9.1.–4.3.2018 Radical cross-stitch
6.3.–22.4.2018 PISTOT exhibition 2018: arts and crafts teacher Elina Helminen
24.4.–10.6.2018 Tales about Spring, batik artist Sirpa Hasa
12.6.–5.8.2018 KÄSILLÄ - handicraft culture as a skill and a livelihood. Jyväskylä Craft and Design School and Taitokeskus Jyväskylä Vocational Training
7.8.–29.9.2018 Untie - Dresses from Ties
2.10.–18.11.2018 Materia ry 
20.11.2018–6.1.2019 Something Special