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Kenneth Rasmussen massiivineuloksensa parissa Bitfrost-ateljeessa. Kuva: Bitfrost. Image Bitfrost

Exhibitions of 2019

Exhibitions of 2019 in the Craft Museum of Finland explore the possibilities of materials and the relationship with nature. 

The atmosphere of the exhibition year 2019 in the Craft Museum of Finland is international. Different exhibitions present the possibilities of materials, ponder the future and dive into the Finnish relationship with nature. Ancient handicraft techniques, carefully made works with strong identities as well as humorous objects are seen during the year. 

Main exhibitions:

15.12.2018–5.5.2019 Felt for Tomorrow

18.5.–8.12.2019 The Other Nature of Ceramics

Lobby Gallery: 

15.12.2018–12.5.2019 Cerámica

25.5.–1.9.2019 Päivi Mikola – Jakkara Forever

7.9.–8.12.2019 La Normandie Boréale – Crafts from France

21.12.2019–1.3.2020 Sirkka Könönen

Window Gallery: 

9.1.–10.3.2019 Sanna Vatanen – Crocheted Chain Saws

15.3.–19.5.2019 PIHKA Collection

24.5.–1.9.2019 Nature from Finland

6.9.–10.11.2019 La Normandie Boréale – Crafts from France

15.11.2019–5.1.2020 More than Gingerbread!

Alley Gallery: 

16.11.2018–5.5.2019 Newest National Costumes

10.5.–27.10.2019 Desired Gems – From the Collection of Private National Costume Collector 


8.1.–3.3.2019 Laundry Day – Exhibition designed by the Craft Museum and the Museum Volunteers

5.3.–28.4.2019 Siina Kovanen

30.4.–30.6.2019 Jyväskylä Crafts School KÄSILLÄ

2.7.–27.5.2019 Anne Herranen

27.8.–20.10.2019 Materia ry

22.10.–15.12.2019 Taitokeskus Vocational Education