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Käsityössä elämän tuntu -näyttelyssä käsityö kulkee mukana suomalaisten elämässä.

One of the permanent exhibitions in the Craft Museum of Finland, Craft - A touch of life brings today's craft curiosities and our shared memories of the past to light. The Sense Space offers tangible experiences: you can touch and smell the materials, recognize the sounds of craft-making or sit down to knit a scarf created by the all the visitors together.

The exhibition also takes you on a trip to the past, to things familiar maybe from your own childhood: darning, mending a beloved woolly jumper and hand washing clothes. Crafts evoke memories from school years, be it after the war or only recently. The debate-reviving traditional Finnish dying shirts provoke thoughts on how we would like to be dressed on our final journey. Customized Reino slippers, men's beard jewelry and knit graffiti represent today's trends.

Step into the Sense space

The Craft Museum of Finland's Sense Space will lead you to the world of crafts through smells, sounds and tastes. All the objects and materials in the basement floor exhibition are there to be touched. In the intimate Sense Space you can sit down on a bench and try on various footwear, smell the scent of the crafts of the past, listen to the relaxing sounds of craft work, or just look around you. The Sense Space is a part of the Craft - A touch of life permanent exhibition. It offers the visitors a new kind of memorable museum experience.

Get to know the exhibition in a guided tour!

Did you know that you can also explore the exhibitions with a guid?. Guided tours can be ordered by inquiring about them in advance either by email [email protected] or by filling out the online form

More detailed information from the Guided Tours page.

Experience a story behind the objects

You can step into a story in museum's permanent exhibition Craft - A Touch of Life. The Shoemaker's Journey is an audio trail that takes you on a journey with the travelling shoemaker Santeri Mäkinen trough Finland in the early 1900's. 

Audio guides are included in the admission fee. You can borrow it from museum info or follow the path online