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Suomen käsityön museon vaihtuvissa näyttelyissä vaihtuu myös teemat.

2024 Temporary exhibitions in the Craft Museum of Finland

Main exhibitions

13.1.–7.4.2024 Embroidered Stances
14 people from artist, designer, and craftsman backgrounds, as well as artist-activists and artist-researchers from different parts of the world crossed their paths in Rovaniemi. They express personal and political content through the means of embroidery and revive the tradition of quilt embroidery in a contemporary context. 

20.4.–2.6.2024 Stitched graphic novels – Hanneriina Moisseinen
Graphic novel artist Hanneriina Moisseinen has used sewing and other craft techniques in her works for a couple of decades. The exhibition contains selections from Moisseinen's older works as well as brand new, unpublished works. The specialty of the exhibition is the craft theme that connects graphic novels, which is manifested both in the choice of materials and techniques, as well as in the subjects.

15.6.–1.9.2024 Jukka Rintala – The Way of Dreams
Since his youth, fashion artist and icon Jukka Rintala has created rich and colourful clothes and brought a touch of glamour to everyday life. He is a versatile artist and one of the brightest stars of the Finnish fashion world. The exhibition features his unique clothes, industrial production and paintings from his long career. 

14.9.–24.11.2024 Prayer - Ecclesiastical Textiles by Helena Vaari  
The exhibition features church textiles designed and made by textile artist and master craftswoman Helena Vaari. Over the past 35 years, she has produced nearly 400 church textiles, including six bishop's mitres and church textiles for fifteen churches. The exhibition is a rare opportunity to see church textiles from different churches and in many liturgical colours in one go.

Lobby Gallery

16.12.2023–3.3.2024 Dialogue – Woven and Embroidered Bridge
The Finnish-Japanese exhibition is based on a textile-oriented work exchange, where the theme has been travelling in its various meanings. Saori weaving and Sashiko embroidery are adding their own spice to the works.

9.3.–2.6.2024 Woven baskets from near and far 
The exhibition is a tribute to the craft, culture and communities that have preserved and enriched the tradition and skill of basket weaving. The exhibition features baskets that date back decades as well as modern baskets that use traditional weaving methods. Different materials and techniques present versatility of basket weaving techniques. Basket weaving is the craft technique of 2024 named by The Finnish Craft Organization Taito.

28.9.–24.11.2024 Kintsugi
In the Asian kintsugi tradition, ceramic objects are repaired by highlighting broken seams. The exhibition features Japanese lacquer artist Mitsumi Irahara, ceramicists Eeva Jokinen, Hanna Nuorala, Paula Ruuttunen and Katja Seppinen, and filmmaker Jade Kallio.

Window Gallery

11.11.–31.12.2023 Museum’s Little Christmas Shop
The Christmas sales exhibition once again compiles Finnish handicrafts into easily wrappable doses. 

5.1.–10.3.2024 Tyvi - Carpentry and wood art from local trees
Hanna and Mika Rautasaari's sales exhibition presents the familiar trees of the yard in a new light. Material, wood, is the base and starting point, and they want to find a suitable use for each tree, making the best use of the different properties of the trees. 

16.3.–2.6.2024 DecoCut – Towards a Festive Summer
DecoCut's ecological wood products are locally handcrafted in the Savela workshop in Jyväskylä. We design our designs with a big heart for Finnish celebrations – to delight the maker and the receiver of the gift in summer festivities and summer cottage landscapes. The decorative plywood used in the items comes from sustainably grown Finnish forests.

8.6.–25.8.2024 Handcrafted Summer – Finnish craft for summer
A range of products from Finnish artisans for the summer. Suitable products for the cottage, home or as gifts.

31.8.–10.11.2024 Oksa Style – Colourful craft from natural materials
Oksa Style brings colour to life! Since 2014, Oksa Style has been making handicrafts from natural materials. The range includes unique clothing and accessories made from linen and wool.

16.11.–31.12.2024 Museum’s Little Christmas Shop 
All things needed for Christmas!

Alley Gallery

20.10.2023–24.3.2024 Cobbler Workshop Pikitikki - Traditions with Pitch Thread
The clatter of shoes matching national costumes can be heard in Pikitikki’s workshop. How are traditional Finnish shoes like “supikkaat” created?

5.4.–13.10.2024 Kaukola Woman's National Costume Through the Years
Changes in the beloved national costume design from 1921 to the present day.

18.10.2024–30.3.2025 Treasured Ribbons
Finnish rigid heddle band and tablet-woven band tradition.


12.12.2023–4.2.2024 Multicultural Center Gloria 

6.2.–31.3.2024 Children’s Craft School

2.4.–2.6.2024 Hanna-Maija Järvinen

4.6.–4.8.2024 Rakkaudella Marre – Made with Love, Marre

6.8.–6.10.2024 Hiiden Nahka

8.10.–1.12.2024 Tanja Pasanen

3.12.2024–2.2.2025 Vocational Education



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