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Suomen käsityön museon vaihtuvissa näyttelyissä vaihtuu myös teemat.

2023 Temporary exhibitions in the Craft Museum of Finland

Main Exhibitions

14.1.–23.4.2023 Elina Helenius – Woven Perspectives
An experiential ensemble that appeals to the senses, the exhibition of textile artist and designer Elina Helenius' interior textiles and rugs offers the public impressive colour experiences, a strong sense of material and precise structural and connected design work. The exhibition celebrates Elina Helenius' 35-year career in textile art and design.

6.5.–27.8.2023 Icons of Finnish Glass Art
After the Second World War, a unique collaboration between artists, designers and glassmakers began and the icons of Finnish glass art were born. The touring exhibition of the Finnish Glass Museum highlights not only the most famous glass objects of Finnish glass, but also the creators behind the iconic objects.

9.9.–3.12.2023 Merja Keskinen – Imagined Fabrics 
Art professor, textile artist Merja Keskinen's works are based on interpretations of colours. Works representing contemporary textile art are built from parts and combinations of repeated elements. Colour variations, three-dimensional impressions and spatiality come to the fore in the works.

9.9.–3.12.2023 Voyage – International mini textile art exhibition
The exhibition of the new Finnish Association of New Textile Art UUTE ry kicks off the series of international triennials organized every three years. The exhibition presenting traditional and experimental methods of textile art is a journey to different countries and cultures mediated by works of art.

Lobby Gallery

17.12.2022–5.3.2023 Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen – Meeting Points
Ideas for works are born when material and story meet. After that, the needle and thread meet the fabric or paper. The third meeting point is created in the exhibition space, when the exhibition visitor creates his own interpretation of the finished works. The works of textile and visual artist Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen's retrospective exhibition interpret the image of femininity, fairy tales and stories and gently play with clichés.

11.3.–28.5.2023 Echo Bases – Instrument builders Eero Lehtinen and Jukka Mäkelä
"Everything the devil made these damn fools do" says Lehtinen and Mäkelä, who make stringed instruments from recycled materials. The exhibition evokes wonder at the variety of materials and Finnish creative madness.

10.6.–17.9.2023 Bark Smith Raimo Mutanen
Bark is a byproduct of wood processing and a traditional material, the possibilities of which are often forgotten. In the hands of Raimo Mutanen, the bark takes on a new dimension and unprecedented proportions.

30.9.–3.12.2023 LUX
The versatile use of materials and careful technical implementation can reveal new tones in light.  Juha Kajaniemi's innovative lights uses wood, metal, acrylic and casting techniques, with a style that varies from minimalism to recycled material.

Lecture Hall

27.6.–20.8.2023 Woven Dreams – Handicraft Memories of Karelia
In the exhibition put together by Henna Paasonen, handicrafts are approached from a multi-sensory perspective. A story or few from Karelia have been woven into the weaves of the carpets.

Window Gallery

19.11.–31.12.2022 Museum’s Little Christmas Shop
The Christmas sales exhibition compiles Finnish handicrafts into easily wrappable doses. 

7.1.–12.3.2023 On the Edge – Master Bladesmiths Hankala, Jaakonaho, Pälikkö and Tuominen
The Finnish blade is the stuff of legends, and each knife looks like its maker and customer. Four Finnish master bladesmiths present the products of their own forge.

24.3.–21.5.2023 Kaarnalaiva – A Neat Brush Shop
At Mathildedal, brushes are made by hand from organic materials. The founder Kai Heiskari of the company founded in 1997, is already a second-generation brush binder.

27.5.–27.8.2023 Form with Hands – PROTO – Designers of Northern Finland Association
The sales exhibition assembles products hand-crafted by PROTO members, the main theme of which is the northern dimension and attitude. PROTO is an association of designers founded in 1987 with more than 120 members. 

2.9.–5.11.2023 Happy Blacksmiths
Happy blacksmiths Juhani Krappe and Sami Ryhänen forge iron in an old locomotive stable in Karjaa. This sales exhibition of internationally awarded master blacksmiths features traditional blacksmith work, jewellery, decorative and utility items, as well as interior design products for yourself, the home, and as gifts.

11.11.–31.12.2023 Museum’s Little Christmas Shop
The Christmas sales exhibition once again compiles Finnish handicrafts into easily wrappable doses. 

Alley Gallery

23.9.2022–19.3.2023 FOLKDRÄKT – One hundred years of organised national costume work at Brage 
Föreningen Brage's hundred years of systematic national costume work is presented through beautiful national costumes and abundant visual material.

24.3.–15.10.2023 Newest of the New II – Gems of the Revised National Costumes 
How is the new revised national costume created? The exhibition explains the costume review process and presents the latest renewed national costumes approved by the National Costume Council.

20.10.2023–24.3.2024 Shoemaker's Workshop – Traditions with a Tarred Yarn
The clatter of shoes matching national costumes can be heard in Pikitikki’s workshop. How are traditional Finnish shoes like “supikkaat” created?


15.11.2022–8.1.2023 Happiness from Handicraft

10.1.-5.3.2023 Ritva Puranen

7.3.–30.4.2023 Taito Centre Jyväskylä

2.5.–25.6.2023 Taito Organization – Activism 

4.7.–20.8.2023 Hans-Peter Schütt

22.8.–15.10.2023 Design Association Materia 

17.10.–10.12.2023 Neuliaiset – Group of Creative Quilting

12.12.2023–4.2.2024 Multicultural Center Gloria

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