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Mustalla pohjalla punakultainen Jukka Rintalan pukuluonnos Habitarea varten. Image Henna Mitrunen

The exhibition celebrating the extensive life's work of fashion artist Jukka Rintala is a tribute to the artist whose imprint has been visible over the decades in stunning unique costumes, industrial collections and paintings. The exhibition at the Craft Museum of Finland also celebrates the skilled seamstresses who have carried out the demanding patterns and sewing work. 

A strong line and, on the other hand, lightness are characteristic features of Jukka Rintala's work. His unique dresses are works of art, where the combination of different materials creates unique atmospheres.

The exhibition is built on three floors in the museum. On the first floor, there are several dazzlingly beautiful dresses of well-known and respected women. On the catwalk on the second floor, the splendor of the costumes is surrounded by the art deco-style paintings on the walls, which the artist painted in the 80s. On the top floor is Jukka Rintala's "line of creativity", which describes the development of his work from the 80s to today, as well as theater costumes, jewellery and fantasy settings. The exhibition includes impressive costumes worn by actress and singer Maria Lund, singer-artist Katri Helena, dance artist Aira Samulin and artist Tarja Turunen.  

The exhibition is designed in collaboration with Jukka Rintala and Matti Vaskelainen. 

The patron of the exhibition is Riitta Uosukainen. The exhibition is supported by the National Board of Antiquities.

Jukka Rintala

In 1976, Jukka Rintala graduated from the University of Art and Design as a clothing designer. Since then, he has designed clothes for several Finnish companies and in 2007 he designed a unique design jewellery collection for jeweler A. Tillander. Rintala has cooperated with several Finnish textile companies and interior design companies. The production of his own collection bearing his name began in 2008.

The theater with its costumes also plays a significant role in Rintala's career. He designed the costumes for Svenska Teatern's musical My Fair Lady (2003–2004). Together with Matti Vaskelainen, he designed the costumes and staging for Seinäjoki City Theater's musical play Strangers in the Night (2006–2007), Kokkola Opera Society's Lepakko operetta (2007‒2008), Tampere Music Theater Palatsi’s Piukat paikat play (2009) and costume work for the play Lokki at Hanko Casino 2019.

Jukka Rintala has received several notable recognitions for his merits. In 2012, he received the Kultainen Vaatepuu 2012 Recognition Award and the Elle Style Awards Prize 2012 Fashion Messenger Award, in 2006 the Pro Finlandia medal awarded by the President of Finland, and in 2008 the Savonlinna medal in recognition of making the city famous.

Rintala is a member of Ornamo, the Finnish Watercolor Art Association and a member of the French artists' society La Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts.


Jukka Rintala - The Way of Dreams 

Exhibition in the Craft Museum of Finland  15.6.-1.9.2024.

Museum is open Tue-Sun 11-18.  

Jukka Rintala. Image Jukka Rintala

More information

Mikko Oikari, senior curator, Craft Museum of Finland, t. +358 50 553 3880, [email protected]

Jukka Rintala, [email protected]