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Suomenlinnassa sijaitseva keramiikkatyöhuone Pot Viapori on taiteen tekemisen, kohtaamisten sekä omalaatuisen ympäristön ja historian muovaama paikka. Image Pot Viapori

2022 Temporary exhibitions in the Craft Museum of Finland

Main Exhibitions 

8.1.– 24.4.2022 España a mano – Handicraft in Spain  

7.5.–28.8.2022 Kirsti Rantanen – Space of Textiles 

10.9.–4.12.2022 THE PLACE – Ceramic Studio Pot Viapori   

Lobby Gallery 

18.12.2021–6.3.2022 Winter Garden – Maija Brummer  

12.3.–15.5.2022 Milliners – Hats, Accessories and Trade Secrets 

28.5.–11.9.2022 Karelia Spun in Yarn  

17.9.–4.12.2022 Through the Pinhole

Lecture hall 

18.6.–21.8.2022 Eini Knuutinen: I remember 

Window Gallery 

8.1.–13.3.2022 Blacksmithing Ambience – Artist Blacksmith Kimmo Tulimetsä 

19.3.–15.5.2022 ehta by Dream Circus  

21.5.–28.8.2022 Inarista tehty – Made of Inari Handicrafts made of arctic natural materials  

3.9.–13.11.2022 BLOUN – Free-blown glass 

19.11.–31.12.2022 Museum’s Little Christmas Shop  

Alley Gallery 

Until 10.4.2022 Ikat in National Costumes  

22.4.–18.9.2022 From an Archaeological Find to an Ancient Costume 

23.9.2022–19.3.2023 FOLKDRÄKT – 100 years of Organized National Costume Work


Until 6.2.2022, Soft Actions to Curb Climate Change

8.2.–3.4.2022 Hard/Soft. Materia ry Exhibition  

5.4.–29.5.2022 Skilfully – the Year of the Eye, Hand and Mind  

31.5.–24.7.2022 Crafts and Skill – Jyväskylä Handicraft and Design School exhibition 

26.7.–18.9.2022 Forms of Fibre, Marija Partanen-Vainio 

20.9.–13.11.2022 Martta Organization of Central Finland

15.11.2022–8.1.2023 Happines from Handicraft

Did you know?

You can see all the exhibitions with one admission ticket.
Check the admission fees and free entry days from here.  

Get to know the exhibition in a guided tour!

Did you know that you can also explore the exhibitions with a guid?. Guided tours can be ordered by inquiring about them in advance either by email [email protected] or by filling out the online form

More detailed information from the Guided Tours page.