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Suomen käsityön museon perusnäyttelyssä voi pysähtyä esineiden tarinoiden ääreen.

The Craft Museum of Finland has three permanent exhibitions that look at the importance of craftsmanship in Finnish society and explore handicraft as part of history's timeline, and admires the festive costumes of times past in the permanent exhibition of the National Costume Center of Finland.

The museum's permanent exhibitions are located on the basement of the museum and are included in the museum's entrance fees. The Craft - A Touch of Life at the basement highlights today's know-how, specialties from home and abroad as our common memories of the past. Exhibition of the National Costume Center of Finland, Dressed with Pride explores the history and modernity of Finnish national costumes.


From the second floor of the museum, in the lecture hall, you can find A Journey in Time exhibition, which hase been extracted  from the history of handicraft. The exhibition also includes a publication that can be bought from the Museum Shop. The exhibition also features track of materials, which you can touch and explore. For the visually impaired, the track of specimens are also equipped with braille.

Do you want a deeper dive into handicraft as a part of Finnish culture?

Take a look at the Craft - A Touch of Life exhibition with a audio guide. You can borrow the audio guide from the museum info or visit online in advance.