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Suomen käsityön museon Aistitilassa pääsee värjäämään lankaa ihan itse.

Antaudu aisteille!

Surrender to the senses!

At their best, museum objects are interfaces to the past. Different senses bring us closer to the people of the past. Our own culture determines what is beautiful and ugly, what smells good and what smells bad.

Take a moment to get a sense of everything in peace by listening, feeling, tasting, smelling and looking. The Sensory Space is part of the permanent exhibition Craft - A touch of Life.

Sense of sight 
Do objects evoke memories?
Look at objects near and far! Do you notice anything new?

Auditory perception
Listen to objects - do they sound familiar? 
Can you identify tools by their sounds?

Sense of smell
Smell! Can you remember places, situations or people?

Sense of taste
Taste! Do you recognize the taste?

Sense of touch
Use your hands to feel the shape, thickness and weight of objects.
How does the skin on your cheek sense the heat and surface of the object?
Does the object give you pain or pleasure?

Posture sense
Try on some clothes! Do you feel at home? 
Walk with different shoes! Does your posture change?

Suomen käsityön museo