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Suomen käsityön museon vaihtuvissa näyttelyissä vaihtuu myös teemat. Image SKM/Anneli Hemmilä-Nurmi

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The exhibition year of 2022 in the Craft Museum of Finland will strike a balance between crafts and art.  Even in the midst of the main exhibitions’ international atmosphere, crafts seek to gain a foothold not only in local traditions but also in boundary-breaking views and creative approach to the innovation of new ideas.  

At the smaller temporary exhibitions, even the most delicate pieces of handiwork are powerful and speed is gathered from Karelian traditions, the art of highly skilled hat-making and peeks through the eye of a needle. The National Costume Center of Finland is searching the Viking Age for tradition in the form of ancient costumes and the year will come to a close in centenary celebration for Brage’s production of national costumes for the Swedish-speaking Finland. Exhibitions for 2022 in the Craft Museum of Finland once again demonstrates the versatility and new dimensions of the art of handicrafts. 

Exhibitions in the Craft Museum of Finland in 2022

Main Exhibitions 

8.1.– 24.4.2022 España a mano – Handicraft in Spain 

At the main spring exhibition, España a mano – Handicraft in Spain 8.1.–24.4.2021, craft struggles free from its traditional framework while remaining true to its roots. A total of 27 artisans exhibit their work reflecting ideas which rise from local handicraft traditions and discuss the importance of handiwork - not only from a professional perspective but also as a boost to the local culture. The pieces give food for thought also on how crafts and handmade pieces border the fine arts and their definition. This is the first time Spanish artisans’ craftsmanship is featured at an exhibition in the Craft Museum of Finland.

14.5.–28.8.2022 Kirsti Rantanen – Space of Textiles 

In early summer, the Craft Museum of Finland glows with the knowledge and skill of a strong woman. One of the most prominent textile artists in Finland, Kirsti Rantanen’s (1930-2020) exhibition Space of Textiles 7.5.–28.8.2022 portrays an open-minded pioneer who advocated textile art transition.

10.9.–4.12.2022 PAIKKA – Ceramic Studio Pot Viapori  

In autumn, the Craft Museum of Finland will be celebrating in various locations when PAIKKA - Ceramic Studio Pot Viapori opens as the main exhibition 10.9.–4.12.2022. The exhibition, celebrating Pot Viapori’s 50 years of artistry, brings together artisans who currently work or have worked at the Ceramic Studio Pot Viapori over the decades and who share their love of clay, ceramics or the location.  

Lobby Gallery 

18.12.2021–6.3.2022 Winter Garden – Maija Brummer 

In Lobby Gallery, visitors are invited to dive in the middle of winter-clad nature at Maija Brummer’s Winter Garden exhibition 18.12.2021–6.3.2022. Maija Brummer’s textiles are created by free motion embroidery and inspired by changing seasons and colours. By embroidering her pieces on water-soluble fabric Maija Brummer creates lace-like transparent textiles which may appear fragile but are actually quite strong as they have been sewn many times over.

12.3.–15.5.2022 Milliners – Hats, Accessories and Trade Secrets 

In their spring season, Lobby Gallery holds also the 80th anniversary exhibition Milliners – Hats, Accessories and Trade Secrets 12.3.–15.5.2022, where visitors can admire the creations and have a peek behind the scenes and see items used for decades, variety of materials and the actual art of hat-making.

28.5.–11.9.2022 Karelia Spun in Yarn  

A piece of Karelia will be mounted on artist and designer Sanna Vatanen’s exhibition Karelia Spun in Yarn 28.5.–11.9.2022, where ancient handicraft techniques and abundant Karelian patterns still work, with a modern twist.

17.9.–4.12.2022 Through the Eye of a Needle 

A new world will be revealed through the smallest of holes at the exhibitions mounted in Lobby Gallery 17.9.–4.12.2022 at Through the Eye of a Needle exhibition which takes visitors to the early days of photography, to the fascinating art of taking pictures in camera obscura style. The exhibition is curated by visual artist Jyrki Markkanen.

Lecture Hall

18.6.–21.8.2022 Eini Knuutinen: I remember 

Shortly before Midsummer, handicrafts and memories meet again when Eini Knuutinen’s exhibition I remember is open at the museum auditorium 18.6.–21.8.2022.

Window Gallery  

8.1.–13.3.2022 Blacksmithing Ambience – Artist Blacksmith Kimmo Tulimetsä 

Window Gallery displays heavier handicrafts with Blacksmithing Ambience – Artist Blacksmith Kimmo Tulimetsä 8.1.–13.3.2022, the design language of which is seen in jewellery, decorative pieces, and unique sculptures.

19.3.–15.5.2022 ehta by Dream Circus  

In the sale exhibition held at Window Gallery, boredom is warded off by Savonian artistry at ehta by Dream Circus exhibition 19.3.–15.5.2022. 

21.5.–28.8.2022 Inarista tehty – Made of Inari Handicrafts made of arctic natural materials  

The arctic ambiance can be enjoyed at Inarista tehty – Made of Inari exhibition 21.5.–28.8.2022, when Inari Handicraft Shop invites artisans of Upper Lapland to come together and experiment with natural materials of the North.

3.9.–13.11.2022 BLOUN – Free-blown glass 

At the sale exhibition in Window Gallery, light enters the museum with BLOUN – free blown glass exhibition 3.9.–13.11.  A glassblowing studio in Sastamala, BLOUN crafts colourful and unique lamps and other home decor pieces, made of recycled glass just like glass blowers have done for more than two thousand years.

19.11.–31.12.2022 Museum’s Little Christmas Shop  

Window Gallery’s exhibitions will be drawn to a close with the museum’s traditional Museum’s Little Christmas Shop 19.11.–31.12.2022 

Alley Gallery 

Until 10.4.2022 Ikat in National Costumes  

22.4.–18.9.2022 From an Archaeological Find to an Ancient Costume 

At the Alley Gallery exhibition From an Archaeological Find to an Ancient Costume 22.4.–18.9.2022, archaeological research and artisan skills come together to produce ancient costumes which tell a story of fantastic costumes and skillful artisans in the Iron Age.

23.9.2022–19.3.2023 FOLKDÄRKT - One hundred years of organised band work at Brage

The third anniversary of the exhibition year will be celebrated at the Alley Gallery exhibition FOLKDÄRKT - One hundred years of organised band work at Brage 23.9.2022–19.3.2023. As a result of Brage work, every Swedish-speaking municipality in Finland now has their own national costume.


Until 6.2.2022, Soft Actions to Curb Climate Change

8.2.–3.4.2022 Hard/Soft. Materia ry Exhibition  

5.4.–29.5.2022 Skillfully – the Year of the Eye, Hand and Mind  

31.5.–24.7.2022 Crafts and Skill – Jyväskylä Handicraft and Design School Exhibition 

26.7.–18.9.2022 Forms of Fibre, Marija Partanen-Vainio 

20.9.–13.11.2022 OPEN EXHIBITION SLOT

15.11.2022–8.1.2023 Introducing Vocational training