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España a mano -näyttely esittelee espanjalaista nykykäsityötä monen materiaalin voimin. Image Suomen käsityön museo (SKM) (

The España a mano exhibition presents a selection of contemporary crafts from Spain’s best artisans, designers and creators. The traditions of handicrafts and the cultural characteristics of the different regions of Spain are strong in the works in the exhibition.

Through craftsmanship, an unbroken band from the master to the journeyman is built into the past. The craftsmanship that has been honed over hundreds of years has been passed down from masters to new generations and new eras. In the objects of the exhibition, traditional materials and techniques go hand in hand with today’s demands for sustainable development. The craft connects the past and the future and not only communicates the story of its author, but also tells the story of its cultural area.

Through their works, 27 Spanish artisans present their thoughts inspired by the local handicraft tradition and reflect on the importance of creating by hand not only as a profession, but also as an enlivener and maintainer of local culture.

España a mano is part of an exhibition that has been on display at the Madrid Design Festival 2019. The exhibition has been produced by Spanish cultural actor La Fábrica and curated by Macarena Navarro-Reverter. The tour has been implemented with the support of AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development). The exhibition's environmentally friendly transport packaging also serves as exhibition structures that can be transformed into different spaces. They are designed by Enorme Studio, Madrid.

Artisans and companies in the exhibition

Lzf-Lamps & Mayice Studio, Balikypopoy, Manuel Sánchez Algora, José Luis Bazán, Severino Boix, David Santiago, Mantas Ezcaray, Anónima by cm, Teixidors, Ubedies, Idoia Murga, Alfarería Tito, Sagen, Apparattu, Miguel Ruiz Jimenez, Gordiola, Luesma Vega, Meyran, Muñoz, Abbate, Angeles Espinar, Florencia, Cerámica Larios, Felipe Conde, LOS Arrallanes.

España a mano – Handicraft in Spain

Exhibition in the Craft Museum of Finland on 8 January 2021– 24 April 2022


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