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KESÄ-reliefi, 2019. Inni Pärnänen.

Wood in Interior Design

Exhibition in the Lobby Gallery of the Craft Museum of Finland  22.5.–29.8.2021

The exhibition Wood in Interior Design presents new, modern and professionally designed and manufactured interior solutions created through Pro Puu ry’s project, which have been created using various techniques and wood materials. The exhibition is on display in the Lobby Gallery of the Craft Museum of Finland on 22.5.–29.8.2021. 

The products and works created by skilled designers and manufacturers have been intended to have a positive effect on art procurement in public spaces and to lower the threshold for the introduction of pre-productised, wood and art oriented interior design solutions.  

In the works and products, attention has been paid to several different criteria: visuality, modularity, scalability, productisability and acoustic properties, light and sustainable production. The implementation should also meet the requirements of public spaces, such as: method of installation, maintainability, safety, sustainability and fire safety.

At the design stage, it was hoped that the artists would consider implementation possibilities with modern woodworking techniques: various printing techniques, sandblasting, CNC milling, laser and water cutting, and various mixed techniques. In addition to solid wood, suitable materials include various wood products, such as plywood and thin veneer plywood, particle board and wood composite materials.

Artists and works of the exhibition

Designer Inni Pärnänen
Industrial designer Jouko Kärkkäinen
Designer Elina Sahlgren
Designer Hannu Kähönen
Interior architect Simo Heikkilä
Fine carpenter Antrei Hartikainen
Building architect Timo Suutari
Interior architect Petri Vainio
Designers Mikko Kenttä and Kirsi Pasanen
Ceramist Karin Widnäs


Mikko Oikari, intendentti, Suomen käsityön museo 
p. 050 553 3880, mikko.oikari [at] 

Markku Tonttila, Pro Puu
p. 0400 770 345, info [at]