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Suomen käsityön museon Avoin paja antaa käsille tekemistä.

Expand your museum experience and experience the versatility of handcrafts in Open Workshop!

After touring the exhibitions, you can continue your visit in to the Open Workshop. Workshop offers things for the whole family and all ages, but in the more challenging pieces children may need help from an adult. In workshop there are ideas, instructions, materials and tools for a wide range of things to do.

Open Workshop is a space where experimenting is allowed

From the Open Workshop on the second floor of the museum you will find clear instructions, ideas, materials and space to work. Open Workshop is suitable for everyone and does not require special skills. The most important thing is the desire to try.

You can come to the Open Workshop alone, in pairs or in a group. Workshop fits best children over 7 years of age. Younger people can get acquainted with crafts with grown-ups help. There is no age limit. The use of  the Workshop is included in the museum entrance fee and the material fee is determined by the materials used. Open Workshop is available during the museum's opening hours.

You have use of tools from saws to scissors, sewing machine to a carpenter's bench and materials varyingly depending on the theme or season, from wood to paper, from wool to copper. You can get a hand made artwork with you right away.

Material fee 1-5 euros depending on the materials used, paid in museum info.

The Workshop can accommodate 15 people at one time.

Try it - Experience it - Love it!

Open Workshop rules

  • In the Workshop you work at your own risk
  • Children on the responsibility of their parents
  • There is no tutor in the workshop, so do not leave your children alone
  • Keep the workshop door open to everyone
  • Drill, saw, and nail only on the carpenter's bench
  • If you use glues or paint, protect the table with plastic
  • You can work according to the instructions in the workshop or invent your own models
  • Return the instructions, materials, and tools you are using
  • Clean your workstation and turn off the electrical appliances you use, such as a hot glue gun
  • Pay a material fee to the museum info.
  • Take your finished pieces with you, but leave the tools and unused materials for the pleasure of the future artesans coming after you

In the Open Workshop you can 

  • make crafts using your own imagination,
  • find new guidelines and ideas,
  • work freely,
  • get inspiration,
  • try something new for you
  • get enthusiastic about crafts in a whole new way,
  • learn independently

More information about the Open Workshop

t. +358 50 311 8884 [at]