Exceptions in opening times

Additional information

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tel +358 14 266 4370

Schoolchildren's visits to the museum have some effect on the museum's opening hours for the public from 17 February to 16 April, as when groups are in the museum, the museum is closed to the rest of the public. On Wednesdays and Thursdays 17.2.–16.4. the museum will open to the rest of the public at 2 p.m.

An exception to these is the ski holiday weeks from 22 February to 7 March, when the museum is normally open Tue – Sun from 11 am to 6 pm. School visits to schoolchildren also affect the opening hours of the Open Workshop, which can only be booked for guests to use during weeks 8 and 9.

Christmas 23.-26.12.2019  closed

New Years eve 31.12.2019, open 11-16
New Years day 1.1.2020,  closed
Epiphany 6.1.2020,  closed

Holy Thursday 9.4., open 1-16
Long Friday 10.4.,  closed
Holy Saturday 11.4., open 11-16
Easter Day 12.4., open 11-16
2nd Easter Day  13.4.,  closed

Eve of May 30.4., open 11-16
First of May 1.5.,  closed

Mother's Day 10.5., open 11-16

Ascension Day 21.5.,  closed

Changing temporary exhibition on weekend 23.-24.5., open 11-16

Midsummer 19.-21.6.,  closed

All Saints' Day 31.10.,  closed

Father's Day 8.11., open 11-16

Independence Day 6.12.,  closed

Christmas Eve's eve 23.12., open 11-16

Christmas 24.-26.12.  closed

New Years eve 31.12.2020, klo 11-16
New Years day 1.1.2021,  closed
Epiphany 6.1.2021, open 11-16