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Etualalla vauva katsoo ja ihmettelee, taustalla aikuisia ja piirtävä lapsi. Image Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen
Family coaching in English for first-time families will start in Jyväskylä - residents in other parts of the region are also welcome.

The City of Jyväskylä maternity clinics give coaching in English for families expecting a baby.  You still have time to sign up for the classes using a form on the maternity clinic web site.

– Family classes in Finnish are a challenge for some of the expectant families with immigrant background in Jyväskylä. However, English is a universal language spoken and understood by at least some of the families with immigrant background, says Hannele Virenius, a charge nurse.

Getting ready for parenthood and peer support 

Family classes enhance the parents’ knowledge and skills for building up day to day routines with the baby. Moreover, the parents-to-be may meet other families in the same situation in life. Labour and birth as well as breastfeeding are discussed during the first session and taking care of your newborn and interacting with him or her during the second. 

  • Family classes in English are held in spring on 20 February and 23 April at 17-19 at Kuokkala Maternity Clinic in Syöttäjänkatu 10.
  • Family classes in autumn are on 24 September and 19 November, respectively.  

If the family requires an interpreter, we hope they would attend family coaching given in Finnish. Family classes are usually held in the evenings. An expectant mother can attend the with her partner, support person or a friend.

"Vauvan kaa" wellbeing event on 16 May 2020

"Vauvan kaa" wellbeing event in connection with family classes will be organised on Saturday 16 May 2020 from 11 to 15 at Palokka Maternity Clinic. The event is held in Finnish.

Family classes and signing up

More information:

Hannele Virenius 
Charge nurse
Maternity clinics, school and student wellfare
phone +358 14 266 2198