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Ukrainan lippu ja sydän. Image Terhi Pekkarinen
Save the Children association of Jyväskylä will present Aurinkopaja- Sun workshop with the Year 2022 Childish Act recognition on Monday, 21 November. Ukrainian youth will also be able to watch the Finnish premiere of the film Outside (Olha Zhurba, Ukraine, 2022) at the Arktisen Upeeta film festival on the previous Sunday.

The Ukraine project of the Youth Art Workshop of the City of Jyväskylä's youth services has been awarded the Year 2022 Childish Act recognition by Save the Children. The announcement of the recognition will be held at the Aurinkopaja-Sun workshop of the Ukraine project on Monday, 21 November at 15:30.

Reasons for recognition 

Anneli Rautiainen, chairperson of Jyväskylä Save the Children Association, will hand over the recognition. The reasons for the recognition are as follows:

"The activity supports the integration of the Ukrainian Youth who came to Finland in 2022, adaptation to the new life situation and living environment, and guidance for the future. Workshop work supports young people's everyday management and interaction skills, the formation of social networks, and tells about various services for residents. The Aurinkopaja operation reacted quickly in a crisis situation - from the middle of the war - to the well-being of the young people who came to Finland, taking into account the special needs caused by the traumas and crises experienced by the young people.
The theme of this year's Children's Rights Week 14-20 November 2022 is a child has the right to safety. Aurinkopaja's core values are safety, respect, inclusion, and community spirit. These are the values that also guide the activities of Jyväskylä Save the Children association."

The youth art workshop and the Ukraine project are activities of the youth services of the City of Jyväskylä. The youth art workshop organizes the operation of Aurinkopaja in cooperation with Diakonissalaitoksen Vamos and the Valo-Valmennusyhdistys.

Ukrainian youth at the Arktisen Upeeta film festival of the film Outside (Olha Zhurba, Ukraine, 2022) premier

Aurinkopaja-Sun workshop celebrates Children's Rights Day by taking young Ukrainians to Kino Aurora in Villa Rana cultural centre for the Arktisen Upeeta film festival to watch the Finland premiere of the Ukrainian director Olha Zhurban's film Outside on 20 November 2022.

Outside consists of phone calls between Zhurba and Roman, surveillance camera tapes, and materials from a camera that was exposed to the skin for seven years.

Director Olha Zhurba will be present at the screening. Those who wish will have the opportunity to talk with him after the film is over.

The show is organized in cooperation with Jyväskylä Apua Ukrainaan association. The entire box office proceeds of the show are donated to the organization's aid activities.

More information: 

Roija Aflatuni
Youth services' coordinator
Jyväskylän kaupunki
Tel: +358 (0)40 158 2237

Anneli Rautiainen
Chairman of Jyväskylä Save the Children association
Tel: +358 (0)400 530 032