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Mies ja nainen seisovat valkoisen auton vieressä talvella. Image Omago Oy
The Kangas car-sharing service will again be available to residents and work communities as of 21.12.2022.

The shared car will be an automatic transmission Toyota Yaris. The car can be found at P-Pergamentti (Paperitehtaankatu 3) in parking space 31 on the ground floor.

You can rent a shared car through Omago Oy's mobile phone application by registering as a user of the service.

On arrival at the car park, the car's number plate is automatically recognised at the gate. If the recognition does not work, you can use the card in the glove box. Remember to always leave the card in the car.

Usage fees:

Under 7 hours: 8 € / hour + 0,12 € / km
Over 7 hours: 60 € / day + 0,12 € / km. 

After the first day, the hourly rate is 2,5 €. Prices inc. VAT 24 %.

Registration instructions if you have forgotten your username or are using the service for the first time:

1. Download the Omago app 
2. Press "Register" and create an account 
3. Press "Join" and select Private as Your Omago
4. Enter your subscription code: JKLK4NG4S 
5. Enter your personal ID + credit card details 
5. you will receive an SMS when your subscription has been approved

Read more about Omago's shared cars on the Omago web-pages.

More information

Omago team, +35820 127 7799,