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The atmosphere of the exhibition year 2019 in the Craft Museum of Finland is international. Different exhibitions present the possibilities of materials, ponder the future and dive into the Finnish relationship with nature. Ancient handicraft techniques, carefully made works with strong identities as well as humorous objects are seen during the year. 

Main exhibitions:

15.12.2018–5.5.2019 Felt for Tomorrow

The main exhibition of the spring brings an ancient handicraft technique as a part of the future. Felt for Tomorrow exhibition 15.12.20108–5.5.2019 is the 20th anniversary exhibition of the Finnish Felt Association and it is created by its members and implemented in cooperation with the Craft Museum of Finland. The Felt for Tomorrow exhibition proves how we, for our part, pass the felt tradition to the future and take the Finnish felting expertise to the world. The exhibition has been designed and curated by visual artist and visual arts critic Hannu Castrén. 

18.5.–8.12.2019 The Other Nature of Ceramics

The summer begins with a dive into the Finnish relationship with nature in the main exhibition The Other Nature of Ceramics 18.5.–8.12.2019. Ville Heimala, Katri-Maria Huhtakallio, Aura Kajas, Tiia Matikainen and Lotta Mattila present their views about the Finns relationship with forest. The young, but already internationally acclaimed, sculptors mirror their own relationship with nature and the main themes of the exhibition – Finnish nature and mysticism. 

Lobby Gallery: 

15.12.2018–12.5.2019 Cerámica

As a counterweight to felt, the possibilities of ceramics are presented in the Lobby Gallery in Cerámica exhibition 15.12.2018–12.5.2019. Vibrant language of ceramics connects Nicaraguan ceramics and internationally renowned ceramic artist Heini Riitahuhta. In the making of the Nicaraguan ceramics, rough red clay is transformed through several stages of work into a silky smooth decorated surface. As a result there are unique works with a distinctive identity that connects them to a single village in the world. Riitahuhta’s ceramic reliefs are formed with hexagonal pieces of ceramics and each piece has its own artistic world. The hexagons are painted, glazed and burnt up to six times. 

25.5.–1.9.2019 Päivi Mikola – Jakkara Forever

Päivi Mikola’s Jakkara Forever exhibition 25.5.–1.9.2019 is all about sitting. Päivi Mikola is a long-standing architect and interior designer, who is known, along with her teaching work, about her seats designed with her own brand Colmio.  The Jakkara Forever exhibition features a retrospective look of the seats she has designed over the years. 

7.9.–8.12.2019 La Normandie Boréale – Handcraft from France

Autumn breeze brings an exhibition from France to the museum. The Lobby Gallery exhibition La Normandie Boréale – Handcraft from France 7.9.–8.12.2019 introduces the audience with Norman handicrafts, when 11 artisans from different fields bring contemporary handicrafts and design to the museum. The colourful and playful exhibition presents traditional techniques as well as inventive new uses of materials. 

21.12.2019–1.3.2020 Sirkka Könönen

The last opening of the year takes place to celebrate the knitting guru Sirkka Könönen’s exhibition 21.12.2019–1.3.2020. The museum has gathered together the exhibition to honor the knit designer Sirkka Könönen who passed away in the summer 2018. Over the years Könönen has donated her works to the museum’s collections and the selection has been supplemented with material from her studio and home. 

Window Gallery: 

Several sales exhibitions are again organized in the Window Gallery during the year. The exhibitions follow the current trends in the crafts world. The Window Gallery’s doll exhibition If You Want to Enter Forest… is followed by Sanna Vatanen’s Crocheted Chain Saws 9.1.–10.3.2019. Spring feeling is in the air when the exhibition by PIHKA Collection from Tampere is on display 15.3.–19.5.2019. Their skillfully made leather works soften the way to the summer.

The museum’s summer shop Nature from Finland 24.5.–1.9.2019 gives space to Teemu Järvi’s prints and to the works by the ceramists of The Other Nature of Ceramics exhibition. In the autumn the Window Gallery is filled with French handicrafts when the sales exhibition by the artisans of La Normandie Boréale – Crafts from France is on display 6.9.–10.11.2019. At the end of the year the Window Gallery is turned into a Christmas shop More than Gingerbread! 15.11.2019–5.1.2020, where everyone can find their own way to Christmas. 

9.1.–10.3.2019 Sanna Vatanen – Crocheted Chain Saws

15.3.–19.5.2019 PIHKA Collection

24.5.–1.9.2019 Nature from Finland

6.9.–10.11.2019 La Normandie Boréale – Handcraft from France

15.11.2019–5.1.2020 More than Gingerbread!

Alley Gallery: 

In the Alley Gallery the latest national costumes are presented in the Newest National Costumes exhibition until 5.5.2019, where the five newest national costume models, with their variations, are on display. For the latter part of the year, local national costume treasures are brought out in the exhibition Desired Gems – From the Collection of Private National Costume Collector 10.5.–27.10.2019. Mari Varonen’s national costume collection is the largest private collection in Finland, from where the exhibition presents a few tidbits. 

16.11.2018–5.5.2019 Newest National Costumes

10.5.–27.10.2019 Desired Gems – From the Collection of Private National Costume Collector 

2.11.2019–29.3.2020 Finnish National Costumes in Natural Sights – Anssi Toivanen's photographs


A number of rising and established stars on the field of crafts industry are seen in the Showroom. The showcase window on Kilpisenkatu 12 can be seen around the clock and it is a good source of inspiration for handicraft makers. 

8.1.–3.3.2019 Laundry Day – Exhibition designed by the Craft Museum and the Museum Volunteers

5.3.–28.4.2019 Siina Kovanen

30.4.–30.6.2019 Jyväskylä Crafts School KÄSILLÄ

2.7.–27.5.2019 Anne Herranen and Oona Hyvönen

27.8.–20.10.2019 Materia ry

25.10.–15.12.2019 Taitokeskus Vocational Education