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Haikara won the general art competition for Jyväskylä's Kankaanaukio

The art competition organized by Kangas Service Ltd to choose artwork for Kankaanaukio (Kangas square) has now ended. The competition winner is Haikara (Stork), designed by Teija and Pekka Isorättyä.

Haikara also overwhelmingly won the public vote, so the prize amount for the winners rose to 7,000 EUR.

Jyväskylän Kangas
Haikaraa esittävä taideteos

Planning as a means to support a climate-friendly way of life

Community planning enables a city structure in which one can move without emissions and live sustainably. In Jyväskylä, the emphasis is on compact infill development.

As motoring still relies heavily on fossil energy, the CO2 emissions caused by it contribute to the accelerated greenhouse effect.

fiksu liikkuminen
resource wisdom
Sustainable living
city planning
smart city
Pyöräilijä valaistun sillan edessä. Image Maris Grunskis

Street Art Event

The street art event features good music, a graffiti workshop and visual artists Anna Ruth and Jukka Silokunnas presenting street art.

The entertaining and relaxed event features expert talks from long-time street artists Anna Ruth and Jukka Silokunnas.