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Craft Museum of Finland

Nostalgia and modern time – a recipe for handicraft that will interest the whole family. 

The museum’s exhibitions and events take you on a journey in time and through the many faces of crafts. The national costumes will show you how people used to live and dress for celebrations. In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum displays several temporary exhibitions, so there will always be something to experience and many different perspectives to handicrafts. 

Situated on the pedestrian street at the hearth of Jyväskylä, the Craft Museum of Finland is easily accessible museum, which unobtrusive façade hides experiences for all senses and for all ages. The national specialized museum, built on three floors, tells the story of Finnish crafts as part of the weave of history. Handicraft has lived along with Finland both in everyday life and in celebration and it plays a significant role even in our current digital era.

The Sense Space in our permanent exhibition will lead you to the world of crafts through smells, sounds and tastes. It offers the visitors a new kind of memorable museum experience.

In the Open Workshop, you can try your own hand in crafts. You will find there clear instructions, ideas, materials for you to try out. You can create a craft memory to take home with you.