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Aino Kajaniemi, Lapsuusmuisto 2, 2019. Image Aino Kajaniemi. Image Aino Kajaniemi

2020 Exhibitions at the Craft Museum of Finland celebrate craftsmanship from many perspectives. The exhibitions focus on Finnish textile expertise but are complemented by delicious finesses from the miniature world and traditional woodworking.  The exhibitions feature internationally renowned designers and craftsmen to celebrate the free movement of ideas and thoughts in the crafts world. Technology and even game design have been added alongside many traditional skills, giving new insights into techniques already forgotten. 2020 will be a versatile exhibition year, featuring both empowering nature and export products of Finnish design, as well as child-like wonder. 

Temporary Exhibitions:

4.1.–30.8.2020 Woven Image – Modern Finnish Tapestry

3.6.–30.8.2020 In Good Hands

9.1.–18.4.2021 Treasures of the Bazaars 

In the fall, the museum's exhibitions display far-off lands and technology. The main exhibition at the end of the year, Treasures of the Bazaars, on 12.9-5.12 showcases traditional textiles and jewellery from Morocco to Tibet from the collections of collector Tuomas Sopanen. Pastoralism and traditions appear clear in these utility textiles and decorations.

Lobby Gallery: 

21.12.2019–1.3.2020 The Colourer of the World - Textile Artist Sirkka Könönen

7.3.–30.8.2020 Under the Apple Tree 

After Sirkka’s fairy tale world, the Lobby Gallery takes giant leaps towards the spring with Under the Apple Tree exhibition on 7.3-10.5. The 10-year anniversary exhibition of dollhouse club Nukkis-Ystävät displays the multidimensionality of both the dollhouse hobby and life by miniature allotment gardens. 

3.6.–30.8.2020 My Forest  Please note that the exhibition has been moved to the lecture hall!

The Lecture Hall is also about traditions in the summer, as the My Forest exhibition, implemented in cooperation with Taito Organization, on 3.6.-30.8, introduces Finnish relationship with the forest, wood as a material and forest as a space - without forgetting the handicraft aspect. Carving, selected as the craft technique of the year, plays its own role in the exhibition as five artists create their own, limited-sized installations that are related to their relationship with the forest.

5.9.–5.12.2020 Wood Relief and Digital Games – Ilona Rista’s wood art 

Internationally known designer Ilona Rista’s trifle with digital material brings the exhibition Wood Relief and Digital Games - Ilona Rista's Wood Art to the museum on 5.9-5.12. The hilarious, yet serious works of the exhibition combine wood art and information technology. 

Window Gallery: 

15.11.2019–5.1.2020 More than Gingerbread!

10.1.–8.3.2020 Vuonue – Responsible Wool from Finland 

Recent hot topic, Finnish sheep wool, kicks off the year as Vuonue brings sheep wool products to the exhibition Vuonue - Responsible Wool from Finland on 10.1.-8.3. Ecology and ethics are the most important values of the company, and nature is present in all production.

13.3.–17.5.2020 Miniature sized 

Miniature sized exhibition on 13.3-17.5 is a dream destination for every dollhouse and miniature hobbyist, as the exhibition offers a setting of dollhouse accessories and miniature home items from manufacturers all over Finland.

3.6.–6.9.2020 Herbarium – Assortment of a Generation of Handicrafts 

Herbarium - Assortment of a Generation of Handicrafts on 22.5.-6.9. represents new Finnish design and entrepreneurship. In the exhibition, UU Market highlights colourful, delicious works that emphasize natural shapes and materials. The exhibition is also a must for anyone after a unique graduation gift.

11.9.–8.11.2020 Sepän Galleria – From Love to Clay 

Sepän Galleria - From Love to Clay on 11.9.-8.11. highlights the Central Finland’s handicraft continuum and has been implemented together with the museum's voluntary partners Museokumppanit as part of the museum's current documentation work. The main role in the exhibition is granted to a ceramics company Sepän Galleria from Hankasalmi, where knowledge has been passed down from one generation to the next.

13.11.–31.12.2020 Gifts for the Ungifted 

The year of the Window Gallery is finalized with Gifts for the Ungifted, a trade exhibition compiled by the museum on 13.11-31.12. where you can easily pick up Christmas presents, whether you are good with your hands or not. 

Alley Gallery: 

2.11.2019–29.3.2020 Finnish National Costumes in Natural Sights

The Alley Gallery of the National Costume Center of Finland will continue to display Anssi Toivanen’s  photography in the Finnish National Costumes in Natural Sights exhibition until 29.3. Toivanen has taken national costumes for photography in rugged landscapes and ancient storytelling sites in Central Finland, and Southern and Northern Savonia.

3.6.2020–11.4.2021 The Magic of Tradition

In the spring, we move on to traditional dressing with The Magic of Tradition exhibition, in which Leena Jääskeläinen who has been researching traditional Karelian national costumes for 40 years , presents sarafans and feresis, i.e. straight sarafans. Finished costumes are complemented by work drawings made by Jääskeläinen during her field trips around Karelia. 


The display windows of Showroom at Kilpisenkatu 12 showcase emerging and trendy, as well as established craftsmen throughout the year. The items on display will be, for example, Aija Pentinmikko's knitted, crocheted and embroidered knitwear made of gradient coloured yarn, jeweller Anu Kirkinen's  art jewellery, Henna Toivio’s distinctive art created by needle felting and mixed techniques,  Henna Paasonen’s  calligraphy and lace paintings, as well as handicrafts made at the Kaarisilta Art and Activity Center. In addition, the traditional exhibitions by Taito Organization of Central Finland and Materia Association will be on display. Exhibitions of the Showroom can be admired around the clock to get inspiration for crafts. 

17.12.2019–9.2.2020 Wool Rainbows 
11.2.–5.4.2020 Nature around you 
7.4.–31.5.2020 Crafts Design – Fantasy and Colours 
2.6.–26.7.2020 Jyväskylä Crafts School 30-year anniversary exhibition 
28.7.–20.9.2020 Juliana's Garden 
22.9.–15.11.2020 Design and Art of Central Finland 
17.11.–10.1.2021 Crafts made in the Kaarisilta Art and Activity Center 

Did you know?

You can see all the exhibitions with one admission ticket.
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