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Tilaa opastus Suomen käsityön museon näyttelyihin.

Exhibitions are usually much more interesting, when paired with a competent guide. Many background stories would hidden if you tour the exhibition alone. And after you hear stories behind handicraft, a desire to try to do something yourself is waken. Then it might be good to book a workshop in the museum...

Book a guided tour fo your visit

Ecpesially for group visits, we recommend to visit the exhibitions with a guide. We will arrange the guided tours in a time that suites your needs and tailor the content to it. 

Prices for guided tour

Tailored hour-long guided tours must be booked in advance. 
Max. 25 persons per guide. For larger groups we recommend two guides.

Tue-Fri, guided tour between 9am-6pm, 85,00 €
Sat-Sun, guided tour between 11am-6pm, and on weekdays after office hours, 115,00 €

Inquiries about guided tours:

Get inspired in tailored workshops

We will tailor our wokshops to fit your needs. You don't have to have any experience about handcraft in advance, for it's all about having fun and trying crafts together. 
A short guided tour is included in all workshops as well as guidance in the workshop and material use. 

Workshops usually last about 1-3 hours, depending on the chosen theme. Workshops usually fi about 12 persons at a time. We have wide range of themes that are suitable for children, bachelorette parties, birthdays and anyone interested in crafts. 

All workshops must be booked in advance.
Workshops max 15 persons. Materials from 1€ per person will be added to the prices.

Tue-Fri, tailored workshop between 9am-6pm, 100,00 €
Sat-Sun, tailored workshop between 11am-6pm, 145,00 €

Inquiries about workshops:

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