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Suomen käsityön museon kokoelma-aarteita.

Handicraft objects and collections related to handiwork can be found in several museums in our country, but the Craft Museum of Finland is the only one that focuses solely on the themes and subject areas of handiwork.

The collections of the Craft Museum of Finland contain objects, photographs, audio-visual material and archival material that concretize the history and present of handicrafts and home industry, as well as related phenomena. The collections have comprehensively recorded the activities of craft-related companies, private craftspeople and various associations. Photographs from the museum's own changing exhibitions and events are pictorial documents of the activities of the collection creator, i.e. the Craft Museum of Finland. Ownership of the museum's collections is divided between the state of Finland and the city of Jyväskylä.

The museum records, for example, the history and themes of craft education and training at different levels, as well as the history of professionals and operators in the craft and arts industries.

The nationwide National Costume Center of Finland is responsible for the national costumes of the Finnish-speaking region, their research, the compilation of new costumes and revisions of old costumes, as well as training in the field.

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