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Miia Suojalan uuden malliston Hertta-huppari. Image Maija Keskinen

The Design with Nature exhibition showcases the newest works of Miia Suojala Design. Miia Suojala who is a clothes designer and a Bachelor of Fashion and Clothing, started her company in Jyväskylä in 2006 and now the 15-year-old company is celebrating the milestone with their celebratory collection: NOLLAko?

Suojala introduces new alternatives and ecological solutions to the challenges of the clothing industry with the NOLLAko? collection. The NOLLAko? collection has been “designed with nature”. The supporting theme of the collection is zero-waste design that aims to minimise the material waste already in the first step of designing a product. The average amount of material waste is approximately 15 % when making a garment. The products in the NOLLAko? collection have been designed so that the material waste would be minimal – as small as 0 %.

The colour scheme of the NOLLAko? collection is based on an old rag rug woven by Suojala’s grandmother. The rug has been woven from wefts that are produced from discarded clothes and textiles. This has been the traditional method in the past ¬– materials were used up and recycled for as long as possible. The materials in the NOLLAko? collection are natural materials, wool, cotton, and linen.

The product designing in Miia Suojala Design has always been led by authenticity, honesty, boldness, sensitivity, strength, and colours as well as the fusion of Scandinavian and oriental design. Feminine cuteness and high-quality beauty are the core of the designs. Suojala thinks of herself as a free spirit that is constantly searching for new things and does not settle for easy answers. Nature, forester, and mystery are all good words to describe the mindscape of the designer.

Design with Nature sales exhibition is a part of the thesis for Suojala’s master’s degree in Design. Through her studies, Suojala has developed her skills in product design and aims to be even more one with the nature with her designs – Design with nature!

Miia Suojala Design
Studio and store Kellariputiikki: Yliopistonkatu 28 B, Jyväskylä.
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Design with Nature – Miia Suojala Design

Exhibition in the Craft Museum of Finland Window Gallery 8.1.–14.3.2021

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