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Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen: Sweetie-teoksen yksityiskohta. Värikkäistä karamellipapereista koostettu korsetti. Image Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen

Ideas for works are born when material and story meet. Then the needle and thread meet the fabric or paper. The third meeting point is in the gallery, when visitors to the exhibition create their own interpretation of the finished works.

Meeting Points is the first part of a retrospective exhibitions on Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen. The works in the exhibition were completed in the 2000s. In them, the artist interprets the imagery of femininity, fairy tales and stories, and plays with clichés. The works are handcrafted by sewing caramel paper into costume sculptures, embroidering jewellery into reliefs and using stitching to combine postcards into a spatial work. The materials for the works are often found at flea markets or donated, worn by time and people. The second part of the retrospective will be on display on Harakka Island in Helsinki in summer 2023. 

The exhibition is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen

Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen (b. 1957) is a textile and visual artist, art educator MA, living in Helsinki and working at the Harakka Island Artists' House. In addition to textile works, her repertoire includes installations, photographic works as well as community and environmental art. In addition to making art, she has worked as a teacher and lecturer and has written and edited articles on art education. Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen was selected as Ornamo's Artist of the Year in 2008.

She has held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in several group and collective exhibitions. Her works are in public and private collections in Finland and abroad. 

Virpi Vesanen-Laukkanen ─ Meeting Points

Exhibition in the Craft Museum of Finland 17.12.2022─5.3.2023
Free entrance to the exhibitions on the street level.  

Museum is open Tue-Sun 11-18. Exceptions on holidays.

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Mikko Oikari, senior curator, Craft Museum of Finland, mikko.oikari [at]